On Wednesday, I had my first appointment with my gynecologist since I've been pregnant. Mom took Aidan on an "Adventure" trip while I was at my appointment. It is definitely at times like this, when I thank God that Mom, Dad, and Uncle Michael are around to watch Aidan when I need to go somewhere (like a gynecologist appointment) and I prefer not to bring him with me. Thanks Mom! The highlight during this appointment was definitely my first ever Transvaginal Ultrasound. I never had one with Aidan! The first time I got to see Aidan was by ultrasound when I was around 5 or 6 months pregnant. So seeing the baby this early was sooooo cool! Of course since I've never had a transvaginal ultrasound before, I was a little taken back when my OB pulled out this over foot-long device. I remember asking her, "Ummm...and where is that going? You're not going to shish kabob me, right?". She laughed, and said that the transvaginal ultrasound device doesn't go in that far (Thank God, because I would have told her that I could wait a few months before I saw the baby). Anyways, it was a really neat experience. I got to see the baby kicking a little bit, see the baby's fingers and toes, and it's heartbeat. If fact, as I was watching the baby on the monitor I mentioned to my OB that I was pretty surprised at how much it looked like a baby right now, since Mike and I were pretty sure that I was only 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. Boy, we were wrong! My OB laughed and said, "Honey, you are 11 weeks pregnant! You due date is near the end of March". So there you have it, our official due date for baby no. 2 is March 20th (give or take a week). Anyways, when I got home I shared these pictures with the family. Mom was so excited that she said she definitely wanted to come to the next ultrasound appointment. Aidan was excited to see the pictures too. He kept saying, "That's the baby Mommy? You saw the baby Mommy?" I told him that it was and how I also saw the baby kicking. Then I realized that I should probably not look that happy about the baby kicking, since we are always telling Aidan that it's not right to kick people and most things (with the exception of balls, water, grass, etc...). So I told Aidan to tell the baby not to kick Mommy because it's not right. It was really cute watching him talk to my belly and say "No kicking Mommy, Caleb" (Aidan often thinks the baby is a boy). Anyways, here are the pics from my transvaginal ultrasound. On the second picture you can actually make out the baby's fingers!



09/05/2008 08:41

HAHAHAHAHA...I was dying when you described your thoughts on the TV ultrasound!! They did that to me when I was first pregos with Kaia. I was like..."Whoaaaaaa, Buddy...what are you doing with that??? I thought you were doing an ultrasound!!" Till then, I had no idea that was another way to do an ultrasound. I should've been clued in when they brought in the device and a box of condoms. Anyway...Aidan's really cute talking to his baby sibling!!! Take care and enjoy your rest!


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